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The premier destination for moving your valuable cargo across East Africa.

Time is Value

By keeping up with the times and carefully responding
to the demands of an ever-changing business environment,
we take on challenges that are one step ahead of present-day needs.
As a result, we strive to enhance our corporate value and the stability of our management, ultimately contributing to the realization of an affluent society.

AGV Forklift Trucks-Transport More with Safety in warehouse,3D rendering

Wealth of Experience

As a company that is engaged in port cargo unloading and transport, we are steadily expanding our field of operations to include such activities as warehouse storage, overland transport and heavy cargo transport. In addition, we will also be offering large-scale terminal operations,
logistics outsourcing for clients and overseas local transport.

Customized Service

As an enterprise that manages logistics services in a comprehensive manner, we strive to upgrade our value as a Trans-African enterprise,
by reinforcing our equipment and systems both within and outside Africa and cultivating human resources.
Ultimately, we aspire to enhance our corporate value and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities

From Coast to Coast

As an integrated logistics services provider, our goal is to offer optimized logistics that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients and we are constantly engaged in logistics innovation to achieve even greater optimization.

“Moving Cargo is about moving value, we have the experience to do just that. We work, we deliver, fast.”

As an integrated logistics provider,
we are constantly innovating to offer our
clients individually optimized logistics services

Each of our clients has different
logistics needs. Breeze Logistics makes
detailed inquiries into client
concerns, enabling us to plan and
provide a high-value-added logistics
system that helps clients improve
work efficiency and cut costs.

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